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There were two major objectives of the ACA: extend coverage, and reduce costs. Let’s look at some evidence-based summary articles.

The Affordable Care Act Works – Costs per family are down (obviously we’re talking averages, here).

It’s Working Despite Misinformation – The number of uninsured people has decreased.

Poorer Health of Surgery Patients on Medicaid May Alter Law’s Bottom Line – When our health care system does NOT care for everyone, and then makes health care accessible, it turns out that the poorly-cared-for are in bad shape, and cost significantly to get healthy. Moral: preventive care (there’s a big emphasis on this in the ACA) is definitely a cheaper option than neglect, in the long run.

Everyone agrees that the system needs improvement. This is NO surprise. It was expected to, from the beginning. But already, it is known that health care delivery costs are far less for Medicare than for non-Medicare patients (by about a factor of 4). Government involvement saves the entire system money. That what the data have been saying for years.

What costs us piles of money is incessant ideology that is without any real factual basis.

Let’s just work from evidence, and get it all to work, for ALL of us.

(adapted from a Facebook comment made 2014.05.17.)

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