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Every year it creeps up on me: the busy season of winter and early spring. This is the time most therapists are most occupied with trying to address and meet the needs of their clients. Winter is hard on people. It’s a long haul to get to the gentle warmth of spring. When things get tough for our clients, we get busy, and so has it been for me.

Many things less important get put on the back burner, and then simply forgotten, until Spring. And now we seem slowly to getting there – the seasons have certainly been shifting, but the Spring I refer to is a condition of my schedule and mind. I can see it slowly happening. I’m beginning to breath a little more calmly, and the windows of my office are thrown open. Ah…

I love winter, deeply, without reservation, and for reasons I’ll never completely understand. I miss it when it’s gone, And I’m very glad this year to have arrived at Spring. As many Springs as I’ve seen, each new one always seems the best ever, and so it is this year.

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