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Life is now. Memories necessarily reference the not-now. Fantasies do so as well, and can refer to past, present, or future.

It strikes me that the great challenge of our lives is –

1. To learn to stay connected to our sensory present (our senses being our only way of having direct contact with our physical environment, including the real people in it, etc.). Part of this sensory present is the internal communications we receive about ourselves, both via proprioception (see here and here) by means of the internal dialogs natural to higher order function in our brains (e.g., “I want another brownie, but I don’t want any more calories, so…no thanks.”). Some of these dialogs involve activation of memories with which we are not yet finished, a┬áproblem for us, often.

2. To stay particularly in touch with our affective (feeling) response to anything to which we persistently attend, as this reveals our true values.

3. To see that our actions, when we choose to act, are congruent with these feelings.

Living well with these challenges creates, I think, true integrity – integration of the self in the fullest sense of the word.

“Living well” is a moving target, as we all live in the midst of a dynamic world, a rushing river of change. We must repeatedly check to see that we’re headed down the right road, and not toward some ditch. And what’s the matter with ditches? Well, that’s where pond scum lives! We may aspire to higher outcomes than that.

And so it is that every day has its work for us, and for this we do well to offer our gratitude in response.

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